Master in communications, with experience in strategy and creativity. Founder of DER BUNKER agency in 2002, with a trajectory as campaign director, developer in marketing, commercial and social-politic strategies of 17 years. Founder and director of Alicia I+D+A, organization which objective is support entrepreneur’s projects that make and impact in our social milieu.


Co-founder of DER BUNKER agency in 2002, with experience in digital technologies, platforms and app development. He is currently a partner of Alicia I+D+A and runs Beet, a study in new technologies development, which goal is to design functional products based on users experience that will ease the use, adaption and evolution of analogical-digital setting.


Graphic designer and photographer, has worked coordinating image projects in the last 15 years. With experience in creation and coordination of interdisciplinary team work that allows to create efficient solutions. Co-founder of Alicia I+D+A and coordinator of strategy projects, his mission is to develop design projects that offer products or services that improve people’s lives.


Graphic designer and photographer, has collaborated in the creation, development and design of commercial and political campaigns. She has work experience in innovation ecosystems. Cristina contributes in Alicia I+D+A with research and design of tendencies. Shares and bets for the idea of improve our social milieu to generate a great transformation.


Designer in the graphic world and art direction, with more than 20 years of experience. Collaborates in Alicia I+D+A with the analysis of tendencies and process creation for the development of new projects. His teamwork experience allows him to make resources efficient for the purpose of achieving goals.


Accountant and informatics administrator technician. Mony manages the hard data of Alicia I+D+A, which allows the correct operation and administration of our resources, she also coordinates massive media communications.


Cultural management student. Has experience practicing in the cultural area of Mexico’s embassy in Chile. Interested in community development, starting from the management, conservation and diffusion of the natural and cultural patrimony. She is currently collaborating in Alicia I+D+A as a cultural projects content manager.


Publicist with a great taste in illustration and storytelling, has worked for design and communication projects, creating strategy plans for different social campaigns and commercials. He collaborates in ALICIA I+D+A with stories and social network tendencies to develop digital content that can aport to our achievements.


Journalist and Public Communicator. Passionated for writing chronicle and environmental journalism. Has collaborated in sports and cultural media projects. She is an enthusiast for photographic and video composition. Aldonza participates in ALICIA with communication strategy ideas to improve and aport to our social milieu.


Graphic Designer specialized in social media, team work collaborator in the development of a variety of institution campaigns such as Universidad de Guadalajara and ITESO. She currently works in the digital strategy area, her experience contributes in the development of functional strategies that generate an impact.


Integral designer with an interest in animation, illustration and designing. Currently on her sixth semester of integral designing. Joins Alicia to contribute with creative ideas in graphic design.